Dennis's girlfriend (flopefrenchhats) wrote in polish_hotties,
Dennis's girlfriend

so both of you gorgeous girlies missed the polish wedding of the century!!! way to go ladies, way to go!

polka all night

people who only speak polish...

being able to talk to those people was fun though!

anywho0o0o0o i just figured i would post in here so yeah...


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WhaddaI miss? Arggggggggggggg
Yes POLISH PEOPLE ROCK !!!!They Rox My Sox LOL No really I'm Half Polish and its great! I love my side of the family thats polish! They make awsome food and love to drink (And they are just sooo fudgin Funny) But I saw your journal and Polish people are great! Oh yeah and those Jokes....I wasnt offended but they really werent that funny LOL!!!
weren't they though?? yeah for polish peoples! well i know that both of my cousins and i have a buttload of polak-iness in our blood and we show it too...the whole clutzy thing and such

well thanks for commenting and all!!
oh great so now my jokes arn't funny...